Gangvide Farm Hem Svenska/Swedish

American car Meet Gotland 2017
Load up for midsummer 2017, we are running with a similar concept as 2016. Ls mer >>>

Football camp 2017- Idrottens
We have from 2009 upp to 2016 had a visit from Boo FF, Uppsala, IF, and Hgersten IF.
Ls mer >>>

Fun in the countryside
A little of everything: horse tractor, rabbits, pony trekking, canoeing, Viking ...

Our collection vehicle

Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 1967
Corvette from 1967 is one of the most coveted muscle cars of the 60's.
This car was sold with a powerful 427 cubic inch big V8, according to the manufacturer the engien did about 435 horsepower, now sits a race version, about 560-580 horsepower

Cadillac Miller Meteor 1960 "Cadillac Camper"
A very unique motorhome construction from the U.S., is built on the same chassis as some ambulances and hearses, but this has been delivered by Cadillac and its affiliates
Miller-Meteor, to a Camper Manufacturers, which was completed on behalf of clients.

Dodge Chinook RV 1969
Series Made motorhome from Chinook based on the Chrysler 300 chassis, it is a wonderful untouched original condition, tends to be someone trip to various car shows.

Sleek-Craft jetboat 1975
Sure, it can go fast in Nrsn, the farm has fallen into a jetboat / skiboat
with such a large engine so we do not dare tell.
But it offers guaranteed on a lovely rumbling sound, at barbecues, arrangements and warm summer evenings down at the harbor.

Massey Ferguson 1155 540 cui V8
Our BigFun tractor, is a very rare Massey Ferguson from the mid 70's, it is a "Platfom model" delivered at no additional equipment and without a cab,
but with an amazing 9-liter V8 engine. comes from Chicago, Illinois USA.

Little gray Fergie
We have some old diesel Fergie tractors that you can rent and take a trip down to the sea, they are from 1952 and 1953, a little easier when it's diesel than if they were petrol / motor kerosene, which was common at that time, we have renovated to retain a patina of style

Humber Commer RV 1969
English built motorhome that became driven from Cyprus to Gotland 1997
Ongoing renovation.

Hudson 1947 Commercial Six Series 58 Pick-up
Now we have found our favorite pick, gets a bit of throwaway car then it will stand up to,
is completely free of rust and we want to try to keep a little patina on it.
The car comes from Bingham County, Idaho, United States.
1947 was the last year that Hudson made the pick sheets, about 2,000 were produced,
and we manage to find one in almost untouched condition, great fun car!

"SOLD" Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1958
We need to bring on the website a fantastic car that we sold a few years ago, it was renovated a few years, and became very expensive to renovate, then explain why we sold it there. history tells us that the car is the most likely been owned by Bob Hope

Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1958 image from a wedding driving at Fridhem, south of Visby.