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American car Meet Gotland 2017
Load up for midsummer 2017, we are running with a similar concept as 2016. Ls mer >>>

Football camp 2017- Idrottens
We have from 2009 upp to 2016 had a visit from Boo FF, Uppsala, IF, and Hgersten IF.
Ls mer >>>

Fun in the countryside
A little of everything: horse tractor, rabbits, pony trekking, canoeing, Viking ...

Foto Anders Hallquist Boo FF


Welcome to När in the south-east of Gotland, far away from the hectics of the big city, chasing of training hours and lack of football fields.
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Our football facility in Nr have two very fine football pitcehs, newly renovated locker rooms, service building, jogging track and tennis court. We can help to arrange both friendlies and cups with the local football team.

Accommodation and food
Gangvidefarm is a farm about 1 mile from football pitcehs, accommodation, meals and activities. The farm is located along Nrsn. You stay in a nice newly built eight-bed cottages. We can offer up to 70 beds. Breakfast or full board can be booked and will be served at the cafe at the pier along the river. Within 2 km are sandy beach, 18-hole golf course,
ICA store.

Gangvidefarm has canoes and small boats, fishing, swimming, tractor trips, pinball, billiards, darts or to hang out and cuddle with the animals. There are also opportunities for watching movies in our cinema. Vinylbar for those adults with more than 1,000 old vinyl records, a lot of nostalgia, where leaders can gather strength and strike tactics.

Booking a vacation package includes: Accommodation with breakfast or full board with access to the football facilities and activities as described above. In conjunction with package booking, you decide training schedule, activities and get information about the menu.

Package 1: Accommodation and breakfast, 2 nights 750 SEK / participant.
Package 2: Accommodation with full board, 2 nights 980 SEK / participant.
Package 3: Accommodation with full board, 3 days .1250 SEK / participant.
Approx prices, always ask for quotation.

For bookings of two teams of about 16 players on each team invites Gang Willow Farm on
display of and try Gotlandic games with instructors.

Welcome to Gotland time with family and friends, Sweden, even though nearly overseas.

Island of sports is a collaboration between the sports movement Gotland, Gotland Sports Federation and the tourism industry on the island. The Island of sports offers Destination Gotland travel and accommodation packages at affordable rates.

Information and reservations
Kickan & Per Karlsson,,
Phone +46498-49 20 24 or +4673184 09 22