Gangvide Farm Hem Svenska/Swedish

American car Meet Gotland 2017
Load up for midsummer 2017, we are running with a similar concept as 2016. Ls mer >>>

Football camp 2017- Idrottens
We have from 2009 upp to 2016 had a visit from Boo FF, Uppsala, IF, and Hgersten IF.
Ls mer >>>

Fun in the countryside
A little of everything: horse tractor, rabbits, pony trekking, canoeing, Viking ...

CAMPS, summer camp OR KICK-OFF

A good meeting requires the right environment and setting. Job satisfaction participants are gathering more rewarding for everyone. This applies to companies, groups from the municipal / county as a football camp for eleven year olds. With us you are staying in a genuine Gotland home environment, close to accommodation, activities and nature. There is no exterior interference, and none that we disturb!
We work only with one group at a time.
We offer facilities for large conferences and small meetings.
Modern technology and food and drink of quality in a cozy environment filled with nostalgia.
We encourage you to spend the night here with us, and then offer our breakfast buffet.
The farm has accommodation for up to 70 people.

Ask for a quote!
Information, bookings and references please contact for details!
Kickan & Per Karlsson,
Phone: +46498-49 20 24
Mobil: +4673-184 09 22

Gotland is a great experience any time of year!