Gangvide Farm Hem Svenska/Swedish
American Car Meet Gotland 2017
Welcome to Limestone-Hawaii and Per & Kickan on Gangvidefarm 19-25 june 2017.
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Rock and Blues evenings 2017
We'll see what happens! Keep track.
(Picture shows Smaklsa World Tour stop att Gangvidefarm)
Culture Scene "NRSAKAR"
Sing-along evenings with Bengan Jansson.
"Waiting for Godot" by author Samuel Beckett
Directed by rjan Herlitz.
Theatre Polhem headache "Christopher Polhem
Energi Fair 2017 19 augusti
19 august 2017 we invite to Energyexpo
co-organizer GEAB, Region Gotland, Lansstyrelsen, Produkt Gotland,
Canoing in the river of "Nrsn"
Take a trip, pack a picnic.
Do not forget your binoculars!
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Horses, rabbits, chickens, ducks, goose
Welcome to visit all the animals who live on Gangvide Farm,
They walk around themselves belong and you can enter and maybe cuddle a little with them,
you can also fish in the river of Nrsan!