Gangvide Farm Hem Svenska/Swedish

American car Meet Gotland 2017
Load up for midsummer 2017, we are running with a similar concept as 2016. Ls mer >>>

Football camp 2017- Idrottens
We have from 2009 upp to 2016 had a visit from Boo FF, Uppsala, IF, and Hgersten IF.
Ls mer >>>

Fun in the countryside
A little of everything: horse tractor, rabbits, pony trekking, canoeing, Viking ...


Take the chance to socialize over a period and take care of your favorite animals.
We rent rabbits, hens, chickens and ducks for a few days or all summer. There are also feed, cages, bedding, nets and other accessories. Which animal would suit you best? Talk to Kickan.

Rent rabbits
Rabbit pups that you rent from Gang Vide the breed dwarf ram with a little touch of angora. You may select your rabbit and accessories that harness there, too. Although some food to feed change of scenery is not to be done so quickly.
Print management tips.

Rent Ducks
Muscovy ducks are the breed that you can rent with us, Kittens or adult animals.
Of course follows the tub with as badankor likes to swim.

Rent chikens
At Gangvidefarm are several different breeds, both large and small breeds in different colors. Chickens or a group of three or four hens and cocks. You will have to choose which chickens you want.