Gangvidefarm offers accommodation in cabins or rooms as well as an exhibition space at a campsite with electricity for tents, motorhomes and caravans, service buildings, sanitation for emptying and fresh water.

With us you can feed the chickens, watch the rabbits, paddle canoe, pony riding and much more. Schedule a school escape or a day-off with colleagues at work. See the latest technology for a climate and energy smart society, see and feel - it's for real!


Närsån with its fantastic nature, a rich wildlife is one of Sweden's most species-rich areas. From Gangvide out to sea it is about 3 km and there is a beautiful amphitheater that provides opportunities to jump ashore, have a coffee or start the grill.

Along the waterway you can meet horses, lambs and alpacas so keep an eye out, the opportunity for fishing when there are about 12-13 species of fish in the river, and do not be surprised as sometimes about 25 herons sit hidden and right in front do impressive exercises.

2 hours for SEK 200











Bosarve Bakery

Gotlandsgården Confectionery

A cozy little cafe in När that offers home-made chocolate chocolates, savory sandwiches, locally produced coffee and tea, homemade coffee bread. In the shop there are various Gotland delicacies for all tastes and also some home decor


Here you can enjoy a good meal while dipping your toes in the lukewarm water by the beach? Sit on the pier with some freshly smoked Shrimp? Authentic summer experience is guaranteed. We are open every day during the summer 11-17. Welcome!

Stra Dakar

Strandakar is located on the road to Herta beach.
There are two restaurants in the hotel. Enjoy the food in Bistro S with its beautiful courtyard or delicious delicacies in Restaurant Strandakar.
Everything is cooked with care and quality. Strandakar uses local producers as much as possible. Honey and herbs they grow themselves, so they are nourished in double sense.


Here is a fresh service house with tourist information for the whole of Gotland with the excursion tips that will allow you to find the little strawberry spots that everyone else is passing by. Here is a toilet and shower, as well as a kitchen, barbecue area and outdoor furniture for our guests.

- Well-equipped kitchen

- Barbecue area with outdoor furniture.

- WC with shower.

- TV and Internet at no extra cost

- Washing machine 40 / laundry

Boat trip

Are you not the person who feels at ease reclining in a deck chair, nor on a horseback. Then this is for you, to rent a boat to look around at other than land. Steer towards the sea and feel the fresh air give you new energy. 

Call to book 073-184 09 22 or email us via the contact form


At Närsakarscen you get the opportunity to share the cultural history that exists in the area and the people who choose to play theater for visitors every year to see. 

Before each summer, one can see the program for which performances will be shown. 

Contact us for questions about location and scene use.


A stone's throw from Gangvide Farm is near Närs Golfklubb. A Golf Club formed 1975, dating back to much earlier than that. 

Here at the 17th hole you can see an image of the old runstone that was erected here in the year 400-500 AD. 

Then, after the golf round, enjoy a meal at the Restaurant Fransan. You deserve it!


Närsholmen i När socken is a beautiful peninsula with distinctive savannah-like landscapes that are kept open by grazing animals. There are plenty of rare animals and plants to view, as well as a beautiful lighthouse.

Find here by car in 20 minutes, just over 7 km. Follow the scent of fresh winds and the sounds of cooling waves. 

Grocery store

Not far from everything that is going on Gangvide Farm is the ICA store in När Bodi. Here you can find what is missing in the picnic basket and fill the fridge in the cabin for the evening's festivities. 

Only 2 km away Gangvide Farm in southeast Gotland you will find a year-round open convenience store. There is also a gas station next to it. 


Lillvik - the beach where there is no kiosk and dogs are welcome.

Local harbor - where you have a fantastic view of the lighthouse and Närsholmen.

Lausviken - the shallow beach, about 200 m with knee-deep water.

Herta - Beach with kiosk and nearby are restaurants "Strandakar" and "Fransan"

Everything for your event

We accommodate up to 100 people staying in nice 6 or 8-bed cottages or in B&B rooms.

Several workspaces with technology can be offered. Premises with modern technology, Wi-Fi, DVD, TV, big screen, whiteboard and overhead.

Accommodation and food in beautiful surroundings along Närsån. Breakfast or full board can be booked and served at the café at the pier, warehouse or greenhouse.

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We offer premises for both large conferences and small meetings.
We can also offer modern technology and quality food and drink in a homely environment with nostalgic framing.
We would love for you to spend the night here with us - then our breakfast buffet is offered.



Night card: 50 SEK | Family Card Weekly: 100 SEK | Year card: 300 kr

Here you buy a fishing license

Jaktia Visby, Follingboväg 78 | ICA När Bodi, When Hallute 161 | Gangvidefarm , When Gangvide 503

Sports Camps


Package 1: Accommodation and breakfast, 2 day 830 SEK / participants.

Package 2: Accommodation with full board, 2 day 1.160 SEK / participant.

Package 3: Accommodation with full board, 3 day 1.515 SEK / participant.

Through Sports Island, Destination Gotland offers travel and accommodation packages at favorable prices in connection with various sporting events, camps or sports meetings on Gotland.

Experience the Near


Canoe: SEK 200 for 2 people.      Early morning - 13.00 13.00 - 17.00 17.00 - late evening                   Paddleboard for 1 person.                                   100 SEK / person / hour

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Call or SMS to book 073-184 09 22