Fishing in Närsån, Närsholmen and around the coasts

The area around Närsån offers beautiful nature and a rich bird life. Even beneath the surface of the water, the richness of the species can be astonishing.

Närsån is among the most species-rich areas in Sweden, fish, birds and nature! In addition to common fish species such as perch, pike and roach, there are also cormorants, tench, id and sometimes even silverfish in the river. This variety of species invites to an exciting fishing!

The lower part of Närsån, a distance of 3 km, is leased for fishing in exchange for a fishing license. A valid fishing license must be available during the entire fishing trip so that it can be presented during inspection.

The fishing around Gotland revolves a lot around the popular coastal fishing for sea trout. Fishing with waders and spinning rod or fly rod annually attracts large numbers of anglers from both Sweden and other countries to Gotland.
The sea trout is a combative and sometimes elusive fish that swims around the coast most of the year. Spring is the most popular time, but it is possible to fish for sea trout during other periods as well.
Thanks to the free handline fishing in the Baltic Sea, it is free for anyone to fish along the Gotland coast. But of course there are rules and laws to follow. On the one hand, there are protected zones where fishing is prohibited during certain periods of the year, and on the other hand, there are minimum dimensions, maximum dimensions and withdrawal restrictions for different species.

Nice fishing trip.

Prices for fishing licenses:

Day pass: 50 SEK

Weekly card family: 100 SEK

Annual card: 300 SEK

Children under 15 fish for free in the company of a paying adult.

You can pay for your fishing license via the link ""

Enter name and fishing license type.

The proof of payment is valid as a fishing license

Fishing rules

Only rod fishing allowed. One rod per person!                                  Fishing with nets, barrels, Russians or other large-scale gear is prohibited.

The fishing license is personal and all fishing without a valid fishing license is counted as illegal fishing.

All pike and trout must be released all year round.

1 / 3-31 / 5 all perch should be released. Other times, a maximum catch of 3 perch under 40cm per fisherman per day applies.

When weighing a caught fish, use a wet bag, such as a weighing bag or plastic bag.

Car driving may only take place on leased roads. Respect prohibition signs.

Show consideration for landowners and farmers. Private plots may not be entered, the exception is Gangvidefarm.

Show respect for animals and nature and leave the fishing place in a tidy condition. Consumed fishing gear and other debris that ends up on the ground must be picked up. Keep it clean and tidy and you will contribute to everyone having a pleasant experience!

Nice fishing trip!