Gangvide Farm

The animals on the farm

On Gangvidefarm the animals are a natural part of the environment - both the animals on the farm and those found in nature around us. With us you can spend time with small animals like rabbits, chickens and ducks and we also offer pony riding in different groups.

Take the chance to hang out and take care of your favorite animal for a period of time! We rent out rabbits, chickens, chickens and ducks for a few days or all summer. There are also feed, cages, power supplies, nets and other accessories. Which animals would suit you best? Talk to Kickan.


The bunny kids you rent from Gangvide is of the breed dwarf cattle with a bit of angora. 


Musk ducks are the breed that can be rented here from us, cubs or adult animals. balja joins because they like to swim.


On Gangvide There are several different breeds, both large and small breeds in different color variants. 


Chickens are sensitive to rain because they have not received any smart feathers so do not let them freeze! They are so cute.

Gangvide Farm

Horse life on Gangvide

There are plenty of good riding roads here. Riding roads that go along the beach past small fishing villages with great views of the sea.

Runt Gangvidefarm there are plenty of riding roads! You can take your horse on a bath as it is easy to get down to the beach. You can ride at sunrise early in the morning when the sun is lifted from the sizzling horizon or at sunset when the sea is still and ships are passing far far away and only the birds are heard.

“To be a horse Gangvide This means that you have to be outside in large pastures all year. In winter we live at home in the yard and have a wind shelter where you can take shelter from the weather and wind and if it becomes too uncomfortable we have to enter the stable. In the summer we live in the large forest pasture a bit from the farm and there is all the protection we need from the trees in the forest and where there are also plenty of trees to scratch when the winter's winter fur rolls off and the autumn's new fur grows.
Every day during the summer, people come down to us and give us water from the cans they have on the tractor trailer and then all guests are welcome to visit us ”

Gangvide Farm

One of the best bird watching areas

The east coast of Gotland with Lausviken is one of the better bird watching areas in Sweden.

The east coast of Gotland with Lausviken is one of the better bird watching areas in Sweden. At Lausviken you can see king and sea eagles, resting waders such as spawning snap, ant snatch, swamp, mo and small snout and lots of swamp spores. Cutting spots, grave ducks, snout ducks, wind and spoon ducks and other ends often rest in the bay. In winter, there are thousands of mountain ducks in the area along with beautiful saddle cracks. Among the unusual birds seen in Lausviken and Närsholmen in the vicinity are less mountain duck, egret, hunting falcon, nun stone quail, blue-tailed and many others.

With us there are pictures and writings about bird life for those who are interested.

You can hike along the river near Lausviken by the sea, but if you prefer to travel on water you can rent a canoe.
From Gangvide it is close to Närsholmen and Bandlundaviken with its large range of bird life.