Gangvide Farm

COVID-19 | Coronavirus / Booking Rules!

Covid-19 Actions!

Taking into account previous Corona restrictions coming Gangvidefarm continue to take the following steps to keep them recommendations given by the Swedish Public Health Agency, so that the visitor has as safe a stay as possible.

General about the place

Gangvidefarm is a large farm / facility with several large warehouse buildings in total 1500 sqm and large outdoor areas. There is plenty of room for visitors and makes it easy to keep distance. There are about 100 beds in different cottages / rooms.

On Gangvidefarm there are 13 public toilets with washbasin and hand spirit. There are 11 public showers.

Buffet breakfast

Served in our reception where we try to ensure distance with outdoor seating.

Activity / control

At group events, companies / school classes / confirmands etc.

There we work with one group at a time to ensure our work.

Welcome greetings

Per & Kickan Karlsson

Booking rules and responsibilities!

Responsible landlord?
Gangvidefarm AB, When Gangvide 503, 623 48 Rod                                                

Org. No: 559233-8528

Mobile no: 073-184 09 22


As landlords and intermediaries, we are obliged to ensure that:

• That you receive a written confirmation of your booking
• The accommodation complies with the description.
• You may dispose of the accommodation at the earliest at 14.00 the day of arrival. 
• The accommodation is available until 11.00 on the day of departure. (possibility of adjustment available)

When will my booking become binding?

When you have completed your booking through us and paid the installment of 20% of the total amount, the booking confirmation will be sent. The rest is paid 30 days before arrival. When booking with one of our partners, their booking rules apply.

What if I want to cancel?

For those of you who have booked directly with Gangvidefarm applies:

Against the background of the ongoing virus pandemic Covid-19, the cancellation policy is very generous then Gangvidefarm want to make it easy and safe for you who book. About the public health authority advice claims that the implementation is contrary to its recommendations, we will refund the full rental amount.

Otherwise if you cancel 30 days before the arrival date retains Gangvidefarm 20% of the total amount (advance payment).

If you cancel 14 days before the arrival date retains Gangvidefarm 50% of the total amount and pays back the remaining part.

If you cancel 0-14 days before the arrival date, keep Gangvidefarm 70% of the total amount and pays back the remaining part.

If you cancel with a certificate, a handling fee of SEK 150 will be charged and the remaining part of the rental amount will be refunded.

For other bookings, cancellation rules apply via the booking channel where you made your booking.


If something happens to me?

In some cases, you can cancel until the day before the agreed arrival for a handling fee of SEK 150 per booking. This applies to any of the following cases that were not known when you booked through us.

  1. a) death, illness, or accident of a serious nature, which has affected yourself, your spouse, cohabitant, family or fellow traveler.
    b) Conscription into the armed forces or civil defense.
    c) There is another serious event beyond your control, which you could not foresee when you booked and which means that it is not reasonable to request that you stick to your booking.

You must be able to prove your disability with a certificate from, for example, a doctor, authority or insurance company.             

The certificate should be sent to us as soon as possible, preferably within one week from the day of cancellation.


What are my rights?

If you have any complaints, you should file them with us as soon as possible. Errors that occur during the stay should be reported immediately so we have a chance to correct it.
You have the right to put someone else in your place and we must accept that person if we have no particular reason to refuse. In that case, you must notify us before the date of entry.

What are my obligations?

You must take care of the accommodation and activities and follow the instructions that apply. Between 22:00 and 08:00, the tenant must observe consideration and silence towards other guests. You are responsible for all damage that occurs to the property and its equipment by you or someone in your company being negligent. As the farm and its activities are personal property and in some cases of great value, we appeal for great care and understanding, but are happy to offer a few stories and try activities. 
You as visitors also need to be careful with the farm's animals, especially dog ​​owners.

What happens if we do not agree?

Contact us directly with any complaints. Keep in mind that your chances of getting redress and compensation may decrease if you delay. If we do not agree, you can turn to the General Complaints Board. They consist of an impartial chairman and a number of representatives of tour operators and consumers. The consumer guide in your municipality can help you.