Gangvide Farm

Cycling in När and the surrounding area

Cycling among birds and orchids in När & Lau

Bicycles are available for rent Gangvidefarm for day trips on the bike path. 

Price per person

SEK 120 per day Max 2 days.

SEK 50 binoculars and bird book or flora

SEK 80 picnic basket 

Gotland's nature is fantastic! 

Here is the old agricultural landscape with meadow and pastures, the long beaches with grazed grasslands, rauks and sandy beaches. Unusual birds, plants and insects thrive here. The landscape is open, the weather is usually the most beautiful in the country and the people are helpful and friendly. Here in När there are bikes for rent, coffee to buy and lunch along the way. Welcome by bike or on foot out among birds and orchids and maybe a cup of coffee in one of the bird towers.