Gangvide Farm


Here you get answers to everything you wonder and a little to and if the answer to your question against the presumption would not be included below, you are welcome to fill in your information below and send us a message.

It is doing just fine. You can call us any time on the phone:

+073-184 09 22

Yes, there is an ICA grocery store about 1,5 km from Gangvidefarm. Opening hours apply every day, 9-19. 

Yes, this is done at the ICA-Near shop, approx. 1,5 km away Gangvide Farm. You can book by phone: 070-605 41 53

Yes, electricity is included in the camping fee. 

There is WI-FI at the workshop. We hope to be able to start a comprehensive WI-FI over the entire facility by the summer of 2021. 

Yes, there are no problems with mobile coverage. 

Yes, you will. Feel free to ask Kickan or Per before going to some animals. 

Yes, contact Kickan for more information. 

Yes, you can buy a fishing license from us. See more info about fishing under "Activities".