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What do we do for the climate?

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Energy and climate work at Gangvidefarm! Look, feel, try it for real!

Gangvide farm wants to show new technology and new approaches that illustrate the work of transitioning to a climate-smart society. We have worked with this for many years and we now see a great need to make our work more public and permanent for the visitor - There is a collaboration with LRF, SLU Uppsala, Uppsala University, Vattenfall Gymnasiet and the high school and Teknik Colage on Gotland.

  • Build on the information place in the public environment for technology and perspectives from the past to the future, primarily concerning electricity and energy storage, fuel, vehicles, lighting and energy efficiency!

We are also the initiators of projects that deal with energy storage in hydrogen and small-scale renewable energy, a factor to be reckoned with.

For the past 7-8, we have been working on issues related to energy storage and then battery in combination with hydrogen and fuel cells. It is a prerequisite for solar and wind power in a future energy system.

Our work is at the forefront in Sweden and this means that we want to convey in an educational way, how it can work.

We want to give the visitor an insight into the simplicity. We also want to increase interest in Energiexpo. An annual event with about 30 exhibitors - and there invite lecturers and experts, including international ones.

Over the years we have acquired a large contact network that sees Gotland as an excellent area for the work towards a climate-smart society.
One of the most important points when it comes to working towards a climate-smart society is the analysis of the world.

We have a large contact network with partners who work with updated information and new technology and approaches. Of course we want to share this!

"Public participation" you can be involved and actually save money and contribute to a better environment "

Welcome to Gangvidefarm , we guide you from old time to the future in energy!

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Energy Expo 2022

"See, learn, feel, try it for real"
Our exhibitor presents the latest in climate-smart technology and systems!

Exhibitors present the latest in:


Energiexpo 2022, Friday 23 September for the school world, groups / public activities. 

Saturday 24 September and, preliminarily, 25 September for the general public 

from kl. 10.00 at Gangvidefarm in When.

More info to come, questions call 073-183 09 02

What does Energiexpo mean for Gotland?

We show new technology and new systems that make Gotland the climate-smart island!
Everyone can participate, is it profitable, does it work, 

"See, learn, try it for real ” A Gotland for our children and grandchildren.